Løvens Hule
This is a system that can illustrate the subjective effect of objective aesthetic qualities that a piece of art can hold. All the units and notions in the system should be understood as aesthetic, even though they immediately appeal to other senses than the eye.
Beauty – Beast
Thorough – Energetic
Light – Heavy

The RateArt system was made in 2018 by Johan Bech Jespersen, Frederik Exner, Peter Højlund Pallut and Thomas Bremerstent.
Too Creative Too Burning Man Too Bro Too Slogan Too Archive Too Ukulele Shredding Too Hotdog Too Wedding Too Ferrari Too Disney Land Too RateArt Too Roadkill Too Necromancer Too Much Heavy Light Beautiful Beast Too Triathlon Too Mammoth Too Black Lotus Too Gaia Too Temple Too Champagne Too Diamond Too Flower Energetic Thorough x = 0; Non-aesthetic y = 0; Non-craftsmanship z= 0; Non-concept Too Biscuit Too Origami Too Punk Too Mathcore Too Tentacle Hentai