Løvens Hule
Amalie Gabel & Lena Mai Merle
Revenge is a Dish

Revenge is a Dish


Soup of the Day
...will melt you away!

full of sweet memories cooked in drunk red blood cells


Alle børnene løb skrigene væk fra kannibalerne, undtagen Lilly og Arne, de blev lavet om til
chili con carne!

Dead Ole Man
open casket served with a fresh side of newly dyed greens

Ribbed Eye Steak
Battered beef served on a creamy cam


Roman Recliner
grapes brought to you by forlorn furniture draped in a milky mustard sauce

A Limited Palette
from assorted options on the net (2-3 days of shipping)

Assorted Flying Jacobs
a wing man’s cuckold served hot or cold


Your Cousins Sneaky Side Chick
Sweet home grown bride to-be braised and bruleed

A Link from the Tab
A succulent search for an exquisite serf

Amalie Gabel (b. 1992, Copenhagen) is currently doing her MA in the painting program at the Royal College of Art in London. She recently won the Danish Embassy Art Prize. The exhibition is scheduled to open in 2021. She is also represented in the collection of Malmö Konst Museum.

Lena Mai Merle (b. 1993, Wuppertal) graduated with a MFA KTPP from ABK Stuttgart, a BA from HFBK Hamburg and is currently studying at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf. She lives and works in North-Rhine-Westfailure.